Executive Team

Executive Team
David Rylah

David Rylah

General Manager Energy Market Solutions

"Assisting clients manage the complexity of energy markets has never been more challenging but it has never been more relevant and has certainly never been more rewarding. Continuing to deliver great client outcomes in a very complex market is a testament to skills of our team.”

David has extensive experience in energy and related financial markets across both stationary and transport sectors, covering upstream markets, transportations services, pricing and load management, wholesale hedging and trading, risk policy development, regulatory analysis and Client advisory services for complex energy portfolios.

Prior to being appointed as General Manager Energy Market Solutions, David was the Trading and Pricing Director at Energy Action following the merger with Energy Advice where he was the Executive Director of Wholesale Markets and Client Advisory Services. Prior to joining Energy Action, David held a senior positions with Energex Retail, Integral Energy and Caltex Australia. 

Outside the engrossing world of energy, David can be found swimming laps, skiing alps, mentoring students and slowly mastering chess.


Major Achievements

  • Elected the inaugural Chair of the AFMA Electricity Committee that designed and implemented the framework and documentation for ISDA based contracts that underpins the NEM wholesale hedge market
  • Appointed as energy advisor to a number of ASX 100 and international companies with extensive and complex energy portfolios in Asia/Pacific
  • An AFSL Accredited advisor in energy, carbon and financial derivatives

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