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This September, Energy Action are pledging to donate 25% from registration fees of electricity contracts through the AEX Reverse Auction Platform to help rural communities and farmers struggling in current drought conditions.

Aussie farmers are already reporting this to be the worst drought financially while rural communities have seen massive drops in visitor numbers, greatly affecting their livelihood. Although we have seen some rain recently, this rainfall is nowhere enough to break the drought. With what looks to be some of the worst drought conditions Australia has ever seen, with your help we’d like to do our part in bringing relief and support where it’s needed the most. 


Although the market has been stable for the last few months, energy policy uncertainty with the collapse of the NEG has the potential to change this. Our market guidance for businesses is to source new retail contracts sooner rather than later if you have an energy contract (electricity or gas) due for renewal in the next 6 months.

The energy market sees a large number of contracts expiring at the end of every calendar year, with this yearly “Renewal Cliff” quickly approaching, now is the optimal time to go to market to beat the rush. By acting now enables Energy Action to maximise competitive tension between Energy Retailers giving us the greatest chance to secure the best energy deal for your business.