When it comes to lowering your monthly energy bill, looking for errors may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Energy Action's Contract Management & Environmental Reporting service provides a Bill Validation service that ensures every statement accurately reflects your energy usage.

How our Bill Validation service works

Energy Action receives a direct data feed from your network tariff meter so that we have your exact energy usage over the course of a month. Our Bill Validation software reverse engineers your electricity bill from this data feed and automatically compares this to the actual bill you receive from your retail energy provider, as well as the price that was negotiated in your energy contract.

Bill Validation
Bill Validation

Should the electricity bill be incorrect, Energy Action will work to resolve the issue with your best interests in mind, working closely with the retailer to rectify any over-charges, allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

Energy Action also provides a billing summary report and file as part of the Bill Validation service that consolidates the entire billing data into a format suitable to import to most ERP systems for fast approval and payment verification.

Energy Action has achieved actual savings in the form of bill credits of over $2,386,550 for its clients
as a result of bill validations conducted between July 2015 and July 2016.