Understanding and managing electricity contracts is easier said than done.

We can manage your energy contractWhether you operate from a single site or have a complex network of locations spread across multiple states and multiple retailers, the challenges associated with understanding the variety of pricing systems in place, including varying rates for off peak and shoulder electricity, ancillary, regulatory and network charges and the differing requirements in each state can create significant challenges. Specifically when all you want to ensure is that you are getting the service levels, costs control and timely issues resolution that your business demands.

Our contract administration team simplifies your interaction with the energy market. We operate as your support team for managing the connection or disconnection of sites, proactively identifying areas for savings or errors in the management of your contracts and directly actioning issues on your behalf with the network of energy retailers.

Energy Action has developed an energy management service that will be your business' first point of contact any time you need to manage your gas or electricity contract.