Energy Action's Contract Management & Environmental Reporting service offers a wide range of high quality reports. These reports give you greater control over your energy spend.

As an Energy Action customer you will have access to monthly reports detailing:

- Energy Demand
- Power Factor
- Load Factor
- Energy Consumption & Benchmarking
- Emissions
- Daily Demand Profiles

Annual energy bills can rack up fast

It's becoming clear that businesses are starting to understand how important it is to take a broad view when it comes to electricity consumption. In Energy Action's 2013 Energy Insights Survey, about 85 per cent of respondents said they were aware of their annual electricity consumption. This is up from 74 per cent who said the same in the 2012 survey.

Annual energy spending for some businesses can often grow to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the manufacturing sector, for example, about 31 per cent of respondents said they spend more than $500,000 on energy costs every year.

Improving visibility of energy costs and having a better understanding of exactly where these costs are coming from is one of the best ways to start lowering a business’s annual energy spend.