energy review serviceOne of the best ways to improve your business efficiency in the short term is to collect data on energy usage that can be turned into actionable business intelligence, which is one of Energy Action's core offerings.

However, conducting an annual assessment on your energy use across an entire year can give you even more insight into how you can further cut energy costs.

An annual Energy Review Service is available for any business that subscribes to Energy Action's Energy Metrics Gold service package. Through this function, Energy Action undertakes a detailed anaylsis of your time of use patterns, demand levels and power factor trends from the previous year. This will give you a much clearer picture of where you spend the most on your monthly electricity bill.

After putting all of this together, Energy Action's experienced team can highlight a number of areas where you could improve your business efficiency, and offer their recommendations for the best solutions. These will target your usage patterns and could dramatically lower your electricity bills for the coming year.