Energy Action provides a range of services that can help your business gain maximum value from tariff reviews occurring in your state or territory. 

network tariff reviewsNetwork tariffs are directly charged to energy retailers from the network operator to recoup the cost of supplying, maintaining and improving infrastructure, such as electrical poles and wires. The retailers on charge these costs as part of your electricity contract and the network infrastructure charges can account for more than 50% of the total electricity bill.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) determines network tariffs and reviews pricing structures every year. Several factors affect price increases, including:
- Replacing ageing assets
- Rising peak demand and load growth
- Increased network security, safety and reliability obligations
- More rigorous licensing conditions
- New connections

Victorian customers receive tariff reviews every January, while other states and territories receive new pricing in July (with the exception of Western Australia). Depending on your location in the network and your actual load profile, there is a once a year option to nominate the appropriate tariff rate structure for your site. Choosing the optimum tariff structure for the profile of your operations can result in a substantial reduction to the overall size of your electricity bill.

Benefits of tariff review services

Our network tariff reviews are an excellent way of saving money on your energy use. In fact, Energy Action clients were able to shave a total of more than $11.4 million off their bills from 2014 to 2016. 

Download our flyer for more information around our tariff review results to date: Network Tariff Review Savings - July 2016

NTR Savings
The Contract Management & Environmental Reporting team will ensure you are on the correct tariff for your specific circumstances, as well as correcting any errors made when your bill was calculated.

Subscribers to Contract Management & Environmental Reporting services can also receive a preliminary estimate of any new network charges proposed for each site. The impact of network tariff reviews will vary from customer to customer because costs are proportional to consumption and demand.

We can assess each of your sites and analyse ways to save energy and money. Our team of experienced professionals understand the complexity of energy markets and can guide you through the network tariff review process with ease.