Energy Action Education UniversityFacing increasingly tight budgets and higher performance expectations than ever before, many educational institutions are scrutinising their energy usage more closely.

With the right approach, primary and secondary schools and tertiary education facilities such as universities and private colleges can save thousands on bills, optimise energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

The educational factor is also important. By promoting eco-friendly best practices, schools and universities can encourage future generations of tomorrow to have greater care for the environment.

Energy Action has a range of services that can address these challenges, given our extensive experience helping educational institutions get the most out of their electricity and gas consumption.

We can offer guidance across onsite sustainability solutions, whether its small-scale projects such as switching to energy efficient lighting or large installations like a new solar power system.

Our extensive auditing and feasibility studies mean you can make informed choices on the best options for your school. Where available, we can also assist with securing Government grants to help institutions pay for the upfront costs of implementing these new technologies.

Energy Action's services go far beyond the initial design and installation of solutions! We continue to monitor and measure their performance to ensure maximum energy savings. Armed with detailed reports, you can quantify sustainability efforts to important stakeholders, whether it's boards, staff or students and their families.

In addition to energy efficiency solutions, we also provide sophisticated energy procurement services. This enables you to get the best deal on cost effective electricity and gas.  

Our energy procurement service, powered by the Australian Energy Exchange, is the country's leading energy exchange for electricity and gas suppliers. Through a reverse auction process, retailers bid against each other for the right to supply your energy contract, which ensures you save cost through obtaining the best prices. To ensure the procurement savings are realised, we can also provide Contract Management and Environmental Reporting services delivering contract administration, trend and spending reporting, bill validation and annual energy review services across the life of your procurement contract.