Improving energy management and efficiency is critical for Strata Managers in preparing for rising electricity costs and expectations around reducing the impact of facilities on the environment. 

Strata property and buildings

Energy Action has significant experience in managing Strata portfolios and has a clear understanding of the challenges of managing the energy across a property portfolio of small and large sites. We offer procurement services that address both of these types of premises effectively and efficiently. We also manage the changing portfolio of properties proactively via our contract management services, to ensure new premises are rolled into existing procurement contracts and existing facilities are exited from plans in a timely manner.

The first step of managing energy for a Strata company is to secure the best possible electricity rates for your business. Our energy procurement service, powered by the Australian Energy Exchange, is the country's leading energy exchange for electricity and gas suppliers. Through a reverse auction process, retailers bid against each other for the right to supply your energy contract, which ensures you save money through obtaining the best prices. To ensure the procurement savings are realised, we can also provide Contract Management and Environmental Reporting services delivering Contract administration, trend and spending reporting, bill validation and annual energy review services across the life of your procurement contract.

Energy Action can assist with the planning needed to be undertaken before any capital related works for improved energy efficiency are embarked upon by Strata companies. These services include understanding your energy efficiency baseline, energy assessments and audits of your facilities, energy usage and management recommendations and monitoring and reporting processes for your facilities performance.

We assist managers improve their understanding of the energy usage in their facilities and use this information to implement cost effective projects, such as common area lighting retrofits, that help reduce energy consumption and the associated costs to help deliver positive financial outcomes.