Energy Metrics - Move to Platinum

- Would it benefit you to know in advance if your business is likely to experience a peak demand event?
- Ever wondered how much money you can save by increasing the temperature set-point on your air conditioner a degree or two?
- What about being able to implement simple energy efficiency changes and look at the system in near real-time to view your savings?

You're probably familiar with our Network Tariff Review and Bill Validation services, now let us help you proactively manage your daily energy usage.

Energy Metrics Platinum takes energy management to the next level by giving you more control over your energy usage, allowing you to make savings in near real-time, all without the need for additional sub-metering.

Benefit from the following:

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Thanks to five minute data updates, you will have near real-time access to electricity usage and consumption giving you a "live" stream of consumption, demand and cost information at an NMI (National Meter Identifier) level. This will allow you to constantly monitor your energy consumption, and in turn manage your costs more efficiently, for each site that the Platinum service is enabled on.

Don’t want to have your eyes glued to the Energy Metrics portal by fear of going over your peak consumption? Simply set a threshold alert and we’ll send you a SMS and/or email when you start getting a little too close to that level and you can take immediate action to avoid network penalties.



If you can’t quite wrap your head around the aptitude of this secret weapon or would like more information, simply contact your Energy Action account manager or fill out the form below and we’ll happily run a free Energy Metrics Platinum demo for you.