Getting to know your bill

Energy Action are leading the charge to help businesses understand energy costs

With all their jargon, technical information and complex calculations, energy bills can be confusing and difficult to understand for Australian businesses.
Because of this many discrepancies between what organisations should be paying and what they’re actually paying go undetected. This can be a monthly recurrence leaving Australian businesses tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. It is therefore vital that Australian businesses understand the content of their bills.
We are the experts who know all the regulations and different tariffs in the market, and can help you gain more control over your energy contracts so that you can carry on with business as usual. Our Bill Validation service will ensure that every statement accurately reflects your energy use. For example, we identified a credit of over $90,000 for a single client and worked with the energy provider to resolve the issue. 

Make the first step in understanding your bill, simply click on each of the below symbols to find out more information about each component.