Victorian Energy Efficiency and Productivity Statement released

by Energy Action | Jul 16, 2015
The Victorian Labor Government recently released its high level Energy Efficiency and Productivity Statement setting out its vision for the role of energy efficiency and the priorities required to deliver an energy efficient economy for Victoria.

The Energy Efficiency and Productivity Statement Statement outlines six priority action areas:

1. Improving the efficiency and quality of residential and commercial buildings;

2. Providing active support to relieve energy cost pressures on the most vulnerable;

3. Making Victorian businesses more productive and competitive;

4. Government leadership and best practice;

5. Harnessing markets to ensure broad uptake of energy efficiency; and

6. Creating new, and supporting existing, Victorian energy efficiency jobs.

This is the first step in a policy process which will culminate in the release of a detailed Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy in November 2015.

As Victoria has one of the highest emissions per head of population, the Government says it is critical that they aim to reduce the state’s emissions. According to the Department of the Environment 2015, State Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Victoria has a highly emissions-intensive energy sector and the energy produced accounts for 68 per cent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government said renewable energy is an important part of their efforts to reduce the emissions caused by Victoria’s energy use adding that energy efficiency will complement several measures to increase Victoria’s use of renewable energy, to be outlined in the forthcoming Victorian Renewable Energy Action Plan. This will include consideration of energy storage.

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