Unlock savings of up to 50 per cent of your building’s biggest energy user

by Erica Kenna | Jan 14, 2016
Learn how to implement a wide range of air conditioning savings measures through our Energy Efficient HVAC for Businesses training.
The training is great value as it's subsidised by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. It's also a chance to network with other building managers, energy managers, portfolio owners and building occupants.

- Module 1 HVAC basics - 24th February, 8:30am to 12:30pm, Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn St Sydney.    

- Module 2  Advanced HVAC - 25th Febraury 8:30am  to 5pm. 

The two modules are stand-alone, so you can enrol in either or both of them, it's up to you!

The training will be presented by internationally-recognised HVAC controls expert Paul Bannister and Erica Kenna.

Enrolment is open to anyone who is involved with air conditioning energy in NSW buildings (You don't have to be NSW-based).  You can pay online via the Office of Environment and Heritage's Energy Saver Website:

Or, use our bulk enrolment form if you would like to send multiple staff along to the training. Contact Erica Kenna if you need a copy.

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