Energy Action launches fourth annual Energy Insights Survey

by Energy Action | Apr 15, 2016
Energy management technology and services company, Energy Action Limited (ASX: EAX) (“Energy Action”), is pleased to announce that the Company has recently launched its annual Energy Insights Survey, the fourth to be carried out since its inception in 2012.

The survey is conducted across a diverse range of Australian businesses, and the results are used to develop a comprehensive report that provides insights and opinions on current and emerging energy market issues and trends for businesses and industry sectors alike.

The last Energy Insights Survey involved 565 respondents, 57 per cent of which were Energy Action clients and 43 per cent non-clients – a broad sample representative of Australian businesses and their opinions on energy markets, how they currently engage with them and how they intend to do so in future.

Energy Action’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Wooldridge, commented: “In an increasingly complex energy market landscape, the annual Energy Insights survey is a thought leadership initiative that has provided valuable insights into the sector since its launch in 2012.”

“I encourage businesses to take part so that all may continue to benefit from this research, and I remind participants that they will receive a complimentary copy of our report upon its completion.”

Energy Action has engaged PeoplePulse as an independent third party to conduct the Energy Insights Survey. PeoplePulse are responsible for the collection and storage of all information that is gathered during the survey, and for ensuring that all information is stored in a secure online environment that is confidential and anonymous.

Energy Action anticipates that the Company’s 2016 Energy Insights Highlights Report will be compiled and released in June post survey completion over the next month or so. In the following months, the comprehensive report will be compiled and released to the market following in depth and detailed analysis against previous versions identifying emerging trends.

As an added incentive for participants, they have the opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy tablet for taking part in the survey and responding to the final question. The survey is expected to take approximately 15 minutes to complete, with all participants receiving a complimentary copy of the report.

To participate in the 2016 Energy Insights Survey go to

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