New network service provider registration exemption guideline comes into effect.

by Energy Action | Dec 05, 2016
New guidelines published by the AER for exempt networks came into effect on 1st December.

These guidelines are in response to the recent creation by the AEMC under the National Electricity Rules of the Embedded Network Manager. The guidelines addresses appointment of the Embedded Network Manager and clarifies the AER’s position on a number of other areas. In more detail, the guidelines:

   •     Specify the circumstances under which an embedded network must appoint an Embedded Network Manager and also the circumstances under which an Embedded Network Manager may not be required.
   •     Specify the actions that embedded networks must take regarding the treatment of customers when converting an existing site into an embedded network.
   •      Clarify the requirements for metering in embedded networks.

Those embedded networks affected do not need to appoint an Embedded Network Manager until December 2017. Currently the AEMO is drafting requirements for companies seeking accreditation to act as Embedded Network Managers.

Read the guidelines here.

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