Energy Action partners with Edge Electrons to expand energy saving solutions

Partnership with Edge Electrons to provide Energy Action customers with an innovative, patented energy saving device, PowerSave

Energy management consultancy, Energy Action, has today announced it has partnered with leading Australian energy efficiency and technology provider, Edge Electrons, as part of the Company’s strategy to strengthen its energy saving solutions for customers.

Energy Action will offer approximately 1,500 customers Edge Electron’s globally-patented power factor correction device, PowerSave, a software driven solution that extends equipment lifespan and reduces peak energy demand to lower customer’s energy costs.

The partnership with Edge Electrons forms part of Energy Action’s broader strategy to identify and partner with market-leading providers of energy management technology that is complementary to The Company’s existing energy efficiency solutions.

Ivan Slavich, Energy Action’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The partnership with Edge Electrons will allow Energy Action to offer an innovative, technology-driven solution for around 1,500 businesses faced with sub-optimal power quality and expensive Network Demand Charges.”

“Edge Electrons’ PowerSave device augments Energy Action’s existing energy efficiency and demand management solutions and provides an opportunity to leverage our joint expertise to both meet customer’s needs and develop a complementary sales channel.”

 “We are experiencing strong demand within our client base for new and innovative solutions to lower energy consumption to manage costs in a higher price environment, and as such, we continue to evaluate opportunities to partner with providers of products and technology that help maintain our competitive advantage.”

Richard McIndoe, Executive Chairman at Edge Electrons, said: “Australians have some of the highest energy prices in the world and this partnership has the potential to help thousands of Australian businesses to lower their electricity bills, reduce carbon emissions and extend the life of their electrical equipment.”

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About Energy Action
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About Edge Electrons
Edge Electrons develops leading technology solutions that help to substantially cut energy costs and improve power quality, whilst having a positive impact on the environment. With a team of industry experts that has worked across the global power industry, Edge Electrons is well placed to help businesses, households and individuals save money on their ever-increasing electricity bills. For more information, visit