AEMO's Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT)

Energy Action

The Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) is a function introduced by the Federal Government and managed by the AEMO to maintain a reliable power system and to ensure that demand doesn't exceed supply - thus preventing blackouts and reducing the cost of power to end-users.

The RERT consists of panel members who are large electricity users and therefore have the ability to provide reserve procurement to the grid when required. In the event of a supply shortfall, these users have the ability to shed their load or swap to using alternative energy sources such as batteries or onsite generation. Users are then compensated and the cost of compensation is passed on to electricity consumers in affected areas.

The AEMO typically issues RERT during peak times so this is not a regular charge. It appears on i your invoice as a regulated charge under your electricity supply agreement.

Upon completion of your Bill Validation, we will inform you if these costs have been passed through on your retailer’s monthly bill. Please refer to our notes in your Bill Validation Summary and/or Payment File 

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