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Energy Action offers a range of comprehensive energy buying and management products and services aimed at reducing your exposure to rising electricity and gas costs.

Energy Action offers energy procurement services via our Australian Energy Exchange, which will help you secure the best value and most suited energy contract on the market for your organisation’s needs. Australians first online energy reverse auction platform.

Energy Action’s Contract Management and Energy Reporting services will help you monitor and assess energy information to assist with management of energy usage and costs over the life of your energy contract.

Energy Action provides a broad range of Projects & Advisory Services for all industry sectors that aim to assist customers understand, manage, conform and take advantage of relevant government regulations and initiatives in the energy market. Energy Action provides strategic energy sourcing advice and independent expert reports to some of Australia’s largest corporations. We are ready to provide specialist advice on energy procurement, green energy options and cost management strategies as well as energy price, carbon price impacts and benchmarking services.

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