Environmental reporting requirements are ever growing, new compliance standards and legislative obligations are driving organisations to deliver more and more compliancy information, both via local and global regulatory and legislative requirements.

Organisations that are equipped to collect and analyse data more effectively are able to not only meet compliancy obligations, but also identify sites where saving energy will reduce costs and boost sustainability.

Energy Action offers a range of services for environmental compliance and reporting, including expertise in collecting, analysing, tracking and managing compliance data through to the delivery of standardized compliance processes and reports.

Energy Action ensures consistent and accurate data delivery for all levels of leadership, whether it’s on-site performance management reporting or executive summary portfolio reporting. Our compliance reporting services provide out-of-the box reports that deliver to the standards required for submission under the NGER (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting), EEO (Energy Efficiency Opportunities) GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and GRI (Global Reporting Index).

Some of the benefits of effective sustainability reporting practices include:

- Better shareholder and stakeholder engagement;
- Continuous performance optimisation – you are notified when breaches are exceeded;
- Differentiator in competitive markets;
- Higher investor confidence and employee loyalty.