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>> Power Factor Correction & Voltage Optimisation design, supply & install

Energy Action’s customers are continually facing issues with networks who are
not willing to sponsor continuous growth of demand. If a manufacturing wants to increase output then there is a direct cost to do so, for example machinery, the same goes for generators of electricity. In order to raise capital the networks look to capture revenue against peak demand charges in particular.

The solution to not being caught in the cycle of increasing prices is to be sensible about energy procurement and practical with your energy usage. What Energy Action can do for your organisation is offer analysis and provide an identification of opportunities to minimise these costs. Our expertise in providing sustainability technologies, like power factor correction and voltage optimisation, can help mitigate peak demand costs.

   In many cases, installing new equipment to reduce energy demand at the site 
   can have a short term payback, 12-18 months in not unusual. Typically the best
   outcomes are achieved by installation of higher efficiency equipment or systems
   that better manage and monitor the characteristics of the electrical load on a site.

Energy Action has significant experience in performing feasibility studies, undertaking design services and providing turnkey project implementations across a range of core technologies that lower the energy demand across a broad range of facilities.