Lighting is one of the most energy intensive components in a commercial building
operation, such as office, retail, hotels, clubs and hospitals. Lighting also presents an easy retrofit opportunity to quickly and effectively reduce energy intensity. With the inclusion of lighting in the CBD requirements, upgrading of tenant lighting is an increasing requirement of re-tenanting buildings.

Given trends in smarter lighting technology over the last 5 years, it is possible to achieve savings in excess of 70% on the energy used by choosing the right lighting infrastructure.

 Energy Actions’s lighting specialists understand the interplay of lighting quality, efficiency and aesthetics. Our lighting consultancy services include:
- CBD lighting assessments;
- Lighting energy audits;
- Energy efficient lighting control systems;
- Specialist lighting design including architectural display and theatre lighting;
- AGi32 modelling;
- Project management of lighting upgrades;
- Turnkey provision of lighting projects;
- ICA testing of lighting upgrade commissioning;
- Peer review of lighting ICA planning and documentation.

Spotlight on Lighting design

Energy Action's Lighting Consultant Cynthia Jolley Rogers talks lighting design with enLighten