Embedded networks are energy market structures that enable building owners to generate alternate revenue streams for electricity or gas distributed at their site. In other words, building owners can on sell electricity or gas on their own privately managed energy network to their building tenants.

The building owner purchases the cheapest electricity or gas available in bulk and on-sells it to their occupants. A tenant must be able to choose between purchasing from the embedded network or other energy retailers however by achieving a good buy price for bulk electricity, most tenants and owners benefit from a bulk purchasing scenario.

 Examples of where embedded networks are introduced include:

- Shopping centres;
- Apartment complexes;
- Industrial and commercial estates;
- Retirement villages;
- Housing estates;
- Commercial office buildings.

Energy Action can manage all aspects of establishing and operating an Embedded Network. This includes, organising the installation of the appropriate metering and billing solutions, undertaking the relationship management of the tenants to sign them to agreements and manage the ongoing meter reading, reporting and billing requirements.

Most importantly, as the largest procurement firm in Australia, we ensure that the bulk electricity procured is at the lowest possible rates, ensuring both building owners and tenants get the revenue streams that were forecast.