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One of the first steps in optimising energy efficiency and reducing energy usage for businesses is to undertake an energy audit with a specialist sustainability partner to understand how energy is used in a site or facility. From this baseline, a range of opportunities can be identified to optimise energy use to save money and reduce carbon footprints. Ongoing energy efficiency management of sustainability solutions ensures the site is monitored to measure the performance of efficiency measures and sustainability solutions.

Energy Action provides a range of energy assessments that can be customised for your site and tailored to meet your reporting specifications:
- Energy Audits
- Retrocommissioning & Tuning

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are detailed assessment of how and where energy is used on a site and identifies opportunities to cost effectively improve energy efficiency.

Reduced energy consumption and costs
- Establish carbon footprint and reduced GHG emissions
- Reduced operating & maintenance costs
- Establishment of benchmarks
- Continuous improvement through Optim8
- Raised awareness of energy issues amongst staff

Types of Energy Audits
Energy Action carries out energy audits that meet AS/NZS 3598:2000 standard. 

Key Drivers for customers
Higher Energy Cost
- Grants/Funding
- Regulatory requirement (EEO)
- Company has specific sustainability target
- Transparency of energy efficiency practices