Too often people think that energy efficiency is all about big capital and gleaming new plant, only  to be disappointed by the results. Energy Action’s building tuning services offer an alternative: specialist analysis of your existing system to get the plant you have working properly. By avoiding the cost of replacing major plant, the financial results are highly attractive.

Energy Action's retrocommissioning of existing systems has proven to generate significant results: 20-30% savings are not unusual in the average commercial building environment.

Our services include:
Identification and rectification of operational and operational and maintenance failures;
Recommissioning of key systems and settings affecting energy use;
Monitoring and targeting to identify new opportunities and issues as they eventuate.

RetroComm Freshwater Place Melb 

  Energy Action Retrocommissioning:
  Freshwater Place Melbourne

   Through retrocommissioning this site achieved a 41%  
   reduction in electricity usage, 78% reduction in CO
   emissions, resulting in a base improvement from 2.5 to over
   4.5 stars. For more information click here for the Case Study.