Investing in energy efficiency technologies can have significant benefits for an organisation, including cheaper power bills and a better environmental reputation.

 After all, every dollar you save on electricity and gas can be used to power more mission-critical areas of your business. This makes sustainable solutions an effective strategy in both the short and long term.

 However, overhauling your existing operations for renewable technology alternatives can be expensive, and some businesses may not have the available capital to fund such initiatives up front.

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A number of federal government grants are designed to ease this burden, with some schemes accessible at a state level. Energy Action is a leading business efficiency solutions provider and we stay abreast of all market developments so that our customers can benefit from available funding.

 In addition, we are linked to a number of financial and corporate banking companies. These partnerships allows us to provide customers with a host of funding arrangements that best suit their specific circumstances.

Energy Action has the expertise to effectively handle the administration of grant and finance applications, as well as offer future monitoring capabilities where these are required.

 If you are unsure whether business energy solutions are the way forward, we can also provide assistance. Energy Action has a number of engineering experts that can work closely with your business in order to develop a feasibility study.

These not only give you a greater understanding of whether your renewable energy projects will be cost-effective, they are often a mandatory requirement when trying to access funding.

A feasibility study will also provide you with a more complete quote so that you can make a final decision on the strategic direction of your energy efficiency initiative.