Mark De Kock

Mark De Kock

Non-Executive Director

"No fear"

Mark de Kock has over 20 years experience in driving superior commercial outcomes through strategy and technology in companies such as Vocus Communications, Optus, Vodafone, Trident Subsea Cable and HP (Tandem/Compaq).

Mark started his career designing and developing money market and stock exchange trading systems such as the Helsinki Money Market System, full automation of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, and the design of the 3rd generation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. From there Mark focussed on eCommerce systems, managing the development of the platform as GM eCommerce IT for Qantas in 2000/1, which delivered $230m of 3 year NPV.

After several subsequent roles in IT with BT Financial group, Optus and Vodafone, Mark joined Vocus Communications in its infancy as Head of Strategy. Mark was responsible for setting the strategy, the IPO of Vocus and the required acquisitions to execute against the stated strategy.  During Mark's tenure on the Board of Vocus Communications, the company grew from a $25m market capitalisation company to an ASX500 company. 5 years from listing, Vocus is now an ASX200 company.

Major Achievements

  • Growing a small company to what has become Australia's fourth largest telco - Vocus Communications
  • Managing the establishment of and growing it in to $100m+ channel
  • Setting up or automating several stock exchanges in Asia Pacific