Achieve optimal performance of your asset

Retrocommissioning, tuning and retrofitting


Our Independent Building Monitoring & Optimisation solution, OptEEmise combines engineering expertise with software analytics to identify faults, tune controls, and provide deep dive analytics to achieve optimal performance of your asset. 

OptEEmise utilises CopperTree’s AFD (Automated Fault Diagnostics) platform to provide our expert analysis team with information and failure patterns. AFD is the automated detection and reporting of equipment and sensors failures within a facility. It works by gathering data from a BMS/Control system and running algorithms to detect and report on failure patterns. Our team use this for energy and maintenance optimisation and prioritisation.

Energy Action’s key point of difference is that we go beyond identifying faults. We take a proactive approach to resolving them by working collaboratively with your building management and BMS contractor to implement measures to rectify faults and improve performance without compromising on occupant comfort. 

Building Management System (BMS) Tuning & Controls Review

Our experienced team of engineers can conduct BMS Controls Review to identify measures to improve controls and optimise plant performance.