Things to Know About Energy Procurement

Jul 4, 2019, 16:30 PM by Rhys Williams

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is the process of gas contracts and electricity for your company.

Does it sound simple and straightforward enough for you? It is often times as simple as calling a retailer and signing a deal. However, with this approach, how can you understand your every single company's requirements are all being met?

Energy Action will be your regional provider of  energy procurement. We will evaluate and understand your company's energy demands, while closely tracking the Australian energy market, and are here to provide independent advice on your contract. If you encounter any problems down the road, perhaps that is why we are here to serve you. That is one of the more important benefits of having a different adviser on your side -- we are always available to help solve disputes. We do this while leveraging our relationships with all the energy retailers, that we place through volumes with the objective of assisting you to secure a much better deal than you would have got going to a retailer, together with all the players. In essence, energy procurement refers to the procedure of gas contracts and sourcing electricity to your business.

What factors should you consider?

procurement most nicely and properly possible. Primarily, timing to market: Should I go at this moment? Should I postpone my move? Which path is the market likely to proceed? Instead, you should consider purchasing options and contract duration: How far ahead should you purchase? Just how long should I sign for?

For a bigger market, it is crucial to handle volume risk: I fall short -- or exceed my usage and What happens if I contract for a quantity of energy. Evidently, there is pricing and support to think about Which retailers are providing the deals? Where is my energy coming from? Will my service be dependable and reliable? These are amongst the concerns.

How does the energy procurement process work?

The energy procurement process starts with a detailed review of your business's existing energy portfolio (including usage) as well as your risk profile.

Then, we will make a plan of action tailored to you specifically and explore this with you once we have got an understanding of your requirements and deadlines. When you are ready to proceed, it is up to us to do the groundwork concerning sourcing pricing and organizing contracts.

The energy procurement process varies depending on how big your accounts, and this is detailed in the next section.

If you are on the gap between tariff and large marketplace, both results can be reviewed by us and provide an analysis. Obviously, we can handle mixed portfolios using both SME and C&I websites saving you valuable administrative time.

Why Energy Action is a great choice for energy procurement

Between environmental fees, network charges, market fees, electricity charges and market fees, it may be downright difficult to earn apple comparisons between merchants and time consuming. It seems the energy retailers create it intentionally difficult to compare offers. Add marketplace volatility and delegating to a power procurement specialist becomes a choice. Irrespective of your needs, whether you are in need to procure electricity or you are looking to secure natural gas to your business, the staff behind Energy Action have decades of expertise in the energy business, and are enthusiastic about working together with other Australian businesses to produce win-win outcomes.

We are a leading provider of energy procurement, contract management, environmental reporting, energy advisory services and energy efficiency projects. Call us now on 1300 240 468.

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