The number of energy consultants has been multiplying, but Energy Action has maintained its position as market leader, innovator and trendsetter.

Not only can we look after your energy procurement and ongoing energy contract management to make sure you are never paying more than you should be, we are also the only energy consulting firm that can help you find and implement a solution to become more energy efficient and reduce your energy consumption.

Tailored energy solutions to meet your business’s particular needs.

While we work with over 5000 businesses across Australia, we still offer tailored services to every single one of them because no two business is the same. We offer a range of energy consulting services and can help your business asses, improve and manage your sites’ energy efficiency and sustainability.


Some of our popular energy consulting services include:

The first step to becoming more efficient and sustainable is to establish a baseline of your energy usage. Book your energy audit or assessment today and start identifying ways to cut your costs and carbon footprint!

From energy procurement and management through to energy efficiency and sustainability consulting.

Energy probably isn’t your core business, but like most businesses in Australia over the past couple of years you probably noticed just how vulnerable you were to the wraths and volatility of the energy market. We have been in the energy market since 2000, working with small family-owned businesses as well as large multinational companies, and trust us: we have seen it all, so let us help you make your core business thrive by trusting Energy Action with your energy strategy.