Looking to increase the value of your existing assets?

For buildings with a NABERS rating of 3 stars or less, one of the most effective ways is to reposition your building to be attractive to tenants, building managers and owners.

Whether you are in the market for the long or the short term, upgrading a building makes commercial sense. In addition to the capital returns, higher rated NABERS buildings also provide a range of other benefits including:


Reduction of energy consumption and costs


Improvement of tenant comfort


Attraction of new tenants


Minimisation of carbon footprint

Commercial Building upgrade

Why partner with Energy Action.

Commercial building upgrades can be complex not only from a project implementation point of view but also from a financial one. They can involve anything from capital and operational expenses through to procurement, government funding, certificates and possible new sources of revenue. Energy Action has unique domain knowledge in providing audits, ratings and environmentally sustainable design solutions for operators and owners looking to improve the energy efficiency and overall NABERS rating of their commercial property. We will also work with you to understand your investment criteria in order to deliver the best financial outcome for the upgrade.

The widest range of services and expertise in Australia.

Our team is here to help your business understand and seize all energy efficiency opportunities available in your building, from simple tuning to implementing a complex project requiring a capital investment. Once the upgrade is complete, we have the tools and services necessary to ensure the building’s ongoing rating is maintained.

Process for upgrading your building

Rather than an upfront CAPEX-intensive approach, Energy Action will upgrade your building in stages, allowing you to start incrementally improving your building performance and benefiting from these without having to invest in a large initial capital outlay.

1. Engage with accredited NABERS auditor.

A NABERS auditor will help identify underperforming equipment and recommend which ones should be replaced. The auditor can also review the building performance and offer suggestions on how to tune or increase energy efficiency.

2. Improve lighting systems if required.

A lighting upgrade can help reduce up to 60% of lighting energy usage and can provide additional benefits such as improved workplace comfort.

3. Improve heating and cooling systems.

This will help reduce the size and cost of equipment upgrades in the next step.

4. Upgrade or adjust fan systems.

While this may be the most capital-intensive step in the building upgrade process, it is also the step that will maximise your energy efficiency. Where possible, we may retrofit your existing system to optimise operation, reduce noise, and reduce maintenance.

5. Onsite generation.

While it is not a necessary for your building to have onsite generation in order to achieve the highest NABERS ratings, it can help. However, there are additional benefits to investing in onsite generation – namely solar – including reducing your business’ carbon footprint as well as costs thanks to a certain level of energy independence whereby you would no longer be fully at the mercy of price fluctuations from grid-supplied electricity. The financial outcomes of effective energy