Maintain a high level of energy efficiency. 

Investing in a building to improve its performance and achieving a higher efficiency rating is a milestone many developers, investors and building owners aspire to. However, the journey doesn’t end once a desired efficiency rating is reached: the next challenge is maintaining that rating. 

Our energy wastage monitoring and resolution services will identify, untangle and interpret all issues that may arise in your building, allowing you to maintain your efficiency rating headache-free.

Energy Wastage Monitoring and Resolution

Tap into big-data software & in-house engineering skills with OptEEmise

By combining innovative big-data technology and skilled consultants, our OptEEmise offer will continuously monitor data from your building and analyse it to highlight anomalies and identify poor performance that may be costing you money. Through OptEEmise we will filter urgent and important problems from the noise and, most importantly, recommend practical and manageable solutions your business can implement.

Receive detailed energy reports and recommendations with our Virtual Embedded Engineer

If your business opts for the Virtual Embedded Engineer offer, one of our engineers will analyse and review your sites’ energy usage on a monthly basis to detect anomalies. Your dedicated engineer will also recommend actions to help your business avoid paying for wasted energy, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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What you will get with the Virtual Embedded Engineer:


Monthly review of your consumption, energy profile, energy baseload and power factor


Monthly teleconference with an expert to drill into energy savings opportunities


Access to skilled consultants to identify problems and recommend solutions