Lighting Design, Tender & Project Management

Lighting is one of the most energy-intensive components in a commercial building such as an office, shopping centre, hotel, club or hospital. Lighting also presents an easy retrofit opportunity to quickly and efficiently reduce energy intensity. 

Lighting upgrade

Smaller bills

Upgrading your lighting infrastructure will not only lower your electricity bills through more efficient lighting, it will also reduce your cooling requirements as new lights emit less heat!

Re-tenanting your office building?

If you're re-tenanting your office building, a lighting upgrade offers a great opportunity to improve the look and feel of the space.

Quality, efficiency and aesthetics.

By choosing the right lighting infrastructure it is possible to reduce energy used by lighting by up to and over 70%.  

Our lighting consultancy services include:


CBD lighting assessments


Lighting energy audits


Energy efficient lighting control systems


Specialist lighting design including architectural display & theatre lighting


AGi32 modelling


Project management of lighting upgrades


Turnkey provision of lighting projects


ICA testing of lighting upgrade commissioning


Peer review of lighting ICA planning and documentation