Is your business being billed on wasted energy?

Issues with low power factor or large variances in voltage levels are two of the major issues facing many sites. Both these challenges have a significant and direct impact on the overall electricity bill charged for the site.

Power Factor Correction

Optimising the usage of the electricity supplied to your business.

Energy Action can coordinate the entire process of optimising your business’s electricity usage from quoting through to the supply and installation of Power Factor Correction units at your site.

We perform feasibility studies, designs, installs. We also commission power factor and voltage optimisation systems for your business’s particular needs.


What is Power Factor?

It is not always the case that the amount of electricity you receive is equivalent to the amount of electricity you use – in fact many consumers are billed on “wasted” electricity. A simple analogy can be made to the froth on a glass of beer. Although you pay for the entire glass the froth represents a wasted portion which you can’t do much with. The same can be said for the consumption of electricity – you are liable to pay for the amount supplied even if you aren’t able to utilise all of it. Power Factor is a measure of this ineffi ciency and Power Factor Correction is the solution used to minimise these inefficiencies.
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