Premium procurement method for large energy consumers.

If your business is a large energy consumer that needs to manage risk over time, our high-touch procurement method is your solution.

Managing pricing risk over time.

Businesses contend with two types of energy risks: pricing and volume.

Managing price risk depends on your timing to market, a key concern in the current volatile market conditions. However, while volume risk isn’t as widely publicised in the media as price risk, it can be a major issue for large energy consumers. Should your business contract for a volume of energy which you subsequently do not meet or exceed, your business may incur significant costs. 

Engaging with us through our Structured Product approach enables you to manage both of these risks.  

Pricing risk is addressed through progressive purchasing over the duration of your contract, managed and supported by our energy experts within a policy framework developed for your requirements. Unlike standard fixed price and volume contracts, structured contracts allow you to alter your volume commitments during the contract term. Our regular assessment of your consumption allows you to effectively mitigate volume risk. 

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Accredited to give you financial advice.

Energy Action holds an Australian Financial Services (AFS) license, allowing us to provide you with advice on financial products. Not all energy consultants or advisors have such accreditation. However, our clients can rest assured that advice from our experts will be fair, honest and take into consideration their personal circumstances.  To maintain our AFS license, our team must undergo extensive and ongoing training, thereby ensuring that we provide you with the best advice.