Batteries for Businesses

Battery Storage for Business

Complete your Renewable Business.

We don’t need to tell you that we have been witnessing a volatile energy market marked by rising energy costs: just looking at your electricity bills over the past few months clearly shows this. 

The bad news is that electricity prices are not about to drop – neither for businesses nor for residential consumers. The good news is that solar is getting more affordable fast and battery storage is not far behind.


3 x Battery storage on wall


What’s all the fuss about? 

Batteries could definitely be the next game changer in helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable while significantly reducing their electricity costs. 

Businesses could use their batteries to store excess solar energy or could charge their batteries when the grid is at its lowest price. When the price of grid-supplied energy is at its peak, businesses could then switch on the batteries and disconnect from the grid! 

Batteries for business: are we there yet? 

Batteries are in vogue in the residential market and we expect the trend to extend to the commercial and industrial market in the coming years thanks to shortening payback periods. 

Don’t get us wrong: while we don’t expect heavy electricity users to ever run exclusively on battery storage and solar, this combination would could help businesses significantly cut down on their energy costs. Battery storage and solar energy could even supplement baseload supply from the grid and power certain systems. 

While investing in battery storage might not be economically viable for heavy energy users yet, small to medium sized businesses could greatly benefit from it and could potentially be eligible for grants and funding aimed at businesses trying to achieve better efficiency and sustainability.