Cogeneration / Trigeneration

Cogeneration Trigeneration

Benefits of Cogeneration and Trigeneration for your business

In a nutshell, a cogeneration system allows a building to source part of its electricity and heating from an engine or turbine situated on site, combining heat and power. A trigeneration system is essentially the same as a cogeneration system, but with the addition of an absorption chiller. In other words, a trigeneration system combines electricity, heating and cooling. 


An efficient and sustainable solution. 

By combining the production of electricity with heating (and cooling!) instead of discarding heat as waste, it’s no surprise that using a cogeneration or trigeneration system will make a building significantly more efficient and sustainable. 


Energy Action can navigate your business through the complexities associated with cogeneration and trigeneration, and manage the entire implementation of both systems from assessment and design all the way through to installation. 

Cogeneration and Trigeneration model